8 Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration

The moving of applications, databases and other business elements from the local server to the cloud server is called cloud migration. According to Gartner surveys, more than third of organizations see cloud investments as one of the top-three investing priorities, which is impacting market offerings.

In this article, we talk about the most important financial benefits that you will get by making the decision of migrating to the cloud.

  1. Improves scalability

Cloud migration allows you to increase or decrease resources in line according to your business needs, maintaining upscale as per requirements. This helps you save money for the unused data.

  1. Enhances disaster recovery capabilities by 38%

Two hours is the deadline for disaster recovery for a company using cloud storage, compared to eight hours for a company using local storage. The six-hour difference in solving this problem can result in huge losses for the businesses. Modern disaster recovery tools support object-based cloud storage, which considerably lowers the risk of loss of profit due to downtime.

  1. Improves flexibility by 37%

Cloud storage allows you to access data wherever you are, which is not the case with internal servers, where employees usually cannot access files stored on the server unless they are physically connected to it. Thus, cloud storage enables your employees to be a lot more flexible in solving everyday tasks and be more effective in situations with critical deadlines.

  1. Reduces the IT department’s support burden up to 36%

The cloud provider administers the IT infrastructure in the cloud, which is more profitable than hiring a whole team of technical specialists for these tasks.

  1. Zero maintenance cost

Following the transfer of the infrastructure to the cloud, the cloud provider takes responsibility for the uninterrupted and correct operations of services and equipment, security, conducting continuous monitoring of equipment and networks, performing backups and many more tasks that allow the client to focus on the core business.

  1. Environment-friendly

You can accrete sustainable solutions with less impact on the environment. This is similar to carpooling. As less cost involved, it also reduces the cost of services provided to the customers. This is very beneficial for small businesses that wish to expand their business.

  1. Reduced data security risks

Security issues like hacking, data theft, unauthorized access, intrusions, and identity theft are kept locked away in cloud computing environments. It provides greater security under these conditions.

  1. Competitiveness

Enterprise-class technology that is cost-effective, Pay-as-you-go service and cloud business applications make you a globally available and competitive business.

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