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Planing to move to cloud computing , but you don’t know how to estimate the costs ?

Upgrade your IT organization at the speed of DevOps

Achieve exceptional performance for the development of your applications while guaranteeing the stability and quality of your deployment throughout the production chain. Our DevOps support allows you to:

Improve your development experience:

With the implementation of DevOps technologies that will allow you to continuously monitor the executed code and the underlying infrastructure. Your teams will be able to increase productivity and deliver more frequently with less disruption.

Ensure the availability of your applications

We ensure the high availability of your applications and a fast remediation in case of anomaly, all this thanks to the monitoring and alerts that we put in place as well as the automation that allows to quickly solve infrastructure problems.

Automation of your Workflow

We help you accelerate the development cycle with task automation, which brings you increased responsiveness to market changes. We also accompany your team so that they adapt seamlessly to the DevOps culture.

Security of your data

The security of your data and the availability of a reliable backup system are essential practices that we integrate throughout the life cycle of your project, leveraging appropriate technology tools and the devSecOps approach.

How we operate

We help you automate your deployments and ensure that your developers’ time is optimized so they can test and deploy applications faster.
Our goal is to enable you to better serve your customers and be increasingly competitive in a world where a robust, resilient and scalable technology infrastructure is a critical factor for an organization to succeed.


This preliminary phase focuses on you and your business, we determine your business issues, the problems to be solved, and the result you want to achieve. We propose a detailed action plan that addresses the issues, the timeline, and define the KPIs to evaluate the success of each task.


We mobilize our expert consultants to intervene in your project. We start by setting up the DevOps tools and the CI/CD platform and automation solutions best suited to your business and your uses. We work in Scrum mode, and we ensure continuous visibility over each task progress.

Workshop of restitution

Ath this level, We present the work to you to ensure that the project is completed and the resulats have been met. We also make sure that your teams are well trained in DevOps best practices so that they can take over the project with confidence.

Sending of Deliverables

Deliverables are produced as the project advances. They are then transmitted to the client. A documentation of improvement is also at your disposal for any questions or requests of modification which can take place during our exchange in the workshop of restitution.


After each project, we will send you the deliverables as approved and other deliverables upon request.

Leading edge DevOps technologies
Why choose us
At Pisquare, we believe that our success IS YOUR SUCCESS. That’s why we bring our expertise to bear on the successful integration of DevOps culture, enabling you to innovate faster and bring value to your customers.


A high level of expertise in the cloud confirmed by large companies.


A detailed steering approach proposed according to the impact.


Collaboration with your teams to offer you the best DevOps solutions.

Gain in velocity

From the creation of environments to the CI/CD chain, our experts build and design customized solutions that allow you to innovate faster.

Ready for continuous evolution?

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