Why do we believe in the full remote consultancy model?

Before the pandemic, since 2019,  We chose to operate exclusively on fully remote basis with our customers. 

At first, we had a lot of skepticism regarding this operative model and a lot of people weren’t confident that this model will actually work. 

Despite the fact that we were totally capable to send our engineers to intervene physically in our customers’ headquarters, we chose to go exclusively on the full remote model. Here is why : 

From our perspective, what we noticed with physically present consultants, is that : 

  • Being physically present doesn’t guarantee professionalism, discipline, efficiency etc
  • Consultants are left alone when facing clients challenges, with no help from their consultancy firms. 
  • Setup time that lasts too long, consultants need to adapt to their new environment before tackling clients objectives. 
  • Consultants who stagnate and don’t improve their skills
  • Existence of a bell curve phenomenon 
Stages of an on-site consultancy service

What we call “The bell curve phenomenon” is the translation of the different stages that we noticed of an on-site consultancy service :  

  • At first, we have the hype, the consultant is happy to have a new project, integrates a new team, he is hyped about the new project. At this stage, the consultant is giving all his knowledge to the client and at the same time he is learning new concepts, the ROI is going up. 
  • In the peak, the consultants is no longer seeing new concepts, and the client isn’t seeing new improvements on his objectives.
  • Loss of interest, consultants lose their motivation since they are no longer learning any new concept, which impact the ROI of the client.

This can lead to : 

  • Frequent delays on clients projects and objectives 
  • Lassitude and loss of motivation
  • A poor ROI for the clients. 

Our main objectives by going full remote, is to bring a higher ROI to our clients via our consultancy service, a more efficient and straight forward consultancy by reducing the protocols and integration time that may last too long, keep the motivation of our engineers high, and finally, kill the bell curve phenomenon and especially the “loss of interest” phase. 

How our full remote consultancy give better ROI to our clients ? : 

  • No more bell curve phenomenon, keeping our engineers motivated, up to date with the most recent technologies, so they can bring and apply innovation to our customers. 
  • Straight forward integration and setup of our engineers, no more protocols, no more tooling blockers such as access badges, PC’s etc, we only need access to our customer email and communication tools. 
  • We pay great attention to reactivity, being full remote our engineers are proactive by communicating frequently and by delivering fast.
  • No loner consultants, regardless of the project and the number of people and the type of service, a project of our client is a project that is close to our hearts and on which the whole team advises and works collaboratively to satisfy our customer and accomplish the objectives.

The pandemic has shown that remote work actually works, and this applies also to consultancy services, remote consultancy has shown that it can bring benefits such as increasing productivity by 30%, 40% reduction in absenteeism and 20% cost reduction. 

We believe that tech consultancy has no borders, remote is and will become the new normal in the post pandemic world.   

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