Our vision

PISQUARE was created to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s IT infrastructures.

Our Mission

We monitor our customers ’IT infrastructures’ modernization and improvement.

We are convinced that the cloud is an essential ingredient in the modernization of the digital world. We not only perform defined operational missions, but we are also the partner and co-pilot who support and advise clients in the implementation of their cloud infrastructure.


The digital and cloud transformation is rapidly accelerating, and this means:

Radical change and new opportunities for our customers to seize (new uses, new markets and economic models, etc.)

New business and technical challenges.

Greater IT infrastructures performance requirements.


In order to meet the new challenges and to support you in the success of your transformation, PISQUARE provides:

Field-proven expertise with big companies, both in implementing or managing IT infrastructure transformation projects.

Cloud expertise, and a passion for the challenges of tomorrow's cloud infrastructures.

A management approach that allows the customer to be as close to his cloud transformation as possible.

Our greatest assets allow us to fully meet your needs and to provide you with a first-class service

To succeed in this mission, our job is to:

Our commitment

To carry out our mission: