How to work with remote developers?

How to work with remote developers?

The COVID crisis that we are living in today, has boosted remote work. Companies are realizing that working remotely is definitely a good option, especially for their IT and software development tasks. This will open new opportunities and perspectives for companies willing to have the best developers in their teams since physical presence is no longer required, companies will have access to the best developers around the world which will definitely boost their projects.

However, when working with the remote developers, there are some good practices to set up in order to keep a sane professional relationship and keep the high commitment of your developers :

1 — Look for profiles with good communication skills :

Working remotely may be difficult in terms of communication even though it’s possible to meet in many ways (slack, skype, meet..)

Hiring a developer with good communication skills is crucial in a remote situation.

You need someone who can translate his ideas clearly in a simplified way, and also developers who are able to listen to your ideas and translate them into simple technical needs.

2- Have your on-site resources work with the remote resources

Try to make your resource feel that he is belonging to a team, in case of developers this can be done by attending the daily scrum, but for example for architects try to create a meeting each day to interact with them and give them the opportunity to talk to your on-site developers. This creates bonds with your on-site team and motivates your remote resource.

3- Keep things transparent

If something is wrong with the work done by your remote developer, be transparent and tell him your feedback, try to be direct about what’s negative this will help him understand your expectations and on the other hand you will not lose time.

The most transparent and direct you are with your remote resource the more results will come fast.

Communication is key in this situation, so try to keep your feedback very clear and also try to simplify your demands, explaining your demands in a simple way will definitely boost the productivity of your remote resource.

4- Try to meet in person

When possible try to organize a meeting in person with your remote resources, this can be done for a team-building or simply to have lunch. A meeting in person get you to know better your remote resource, this will strengthen the bond between your on-site team and remote team.

Final Thoughts :

at PISQUARE we bring very close attention not only to the technical skills of our consultants but also in their soft skills.

We believe that a good consultant is an excellent technical expert and at the same time a great communicator. That’s why our requirement process has a technical test and also a soft skills test to see if the candidate is able to translate complex technical matters into simple explanations.

We are also bringing close attention to the relationship between our consultants and our client, we ensure that what is being done by our consultant is clear to our client and that communication is going well which is vital in a remote-based work.

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