5 reasons to choose Tunisia for your IT outsourcing

5 reasons to choose Tunisia for your IT outsourcing

Tunisia is planning to become an international player in information technology by developing a network of innovative and competitive companies. Information Technology represents 3% of Tunisian GDP and many international IT companies are active in the Tunisian market such as IBM, Orange, Alcatel, and other consultancy firms.

Tunisia’s IT outsourcing was growing for the last years. The main reasons are highly skilled profiles and a reasonable cost. When planning for outsourcing you will look for different reasons to outsource to Tunisia, in this article we will give you some answers.

1 — Big Talent Pool :

With 8000 software engineers graduating each year, Tunisia which is a small country in terms of the number of residents is far in front of other countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria and Morocco which have a higher number of residents.

Back in 2000, Tunisia was graduating annually only 200 software engineers, since then, due to the increase of universities teaching software engineering, this number has gone up to 8000 in 2017.

In Tunisia we have more than 50 engineering schools that teach computer science, this number is still growing and students are more and more attracted by the software engineering matters such as big data, data science, cloud computing, so we are expecting the number of graduated software engineers to grow in the next years.

2 — Proximity :

Tunisia is very close to Europe, an average flight to Tunis will take 2 hours. At any time you can visit your team, you have the possibility to visit your team in the morning and take a flight back in the evening.

This is a real advantage for customers located in Europe, compared to other destinations for IT outsourcing such as India, Russia or Ukraine.

This is a key element in building a trustful relationship with your external Tunisian IT team.

3 — Time Zone :

Tunisia is in the same Time Zone as Paris. Your team located in Tunisia will have the same working hours as the once in Europe.

This will ease work and communication since both teams are available at the same time.

We have 40 hours per week working hours, which is as much as the European average working hours. it’s higher than in other countries like for example France, where the average working hours per week are 35 hours.

4 — No cultural difficulties :

In Tunisia, we learn french since we are 10 years old, and English starting from 12 years old. Which makes Tunisian software engineers proficient in many languages.

This will ease communication and collaboration since there will be no communication boundaries. Since Tunisian software engineers are bilingual, they will have no issues in understanding your needs if you are a french or English speaking customer.

The working culture of software developers in Tunisia is similar to that of the west. They are interested in the success of the project and they treat it as their own. Developers have “get the job done” mentality and will always thrive to find a solution to the problem you are facing in a short time.

5 — Rates :

Rates for a Tunisian software developer are way more attractive than in other countries, in fact working with Tunisian developers may save you a lot of money compared to other countries such as France, the UK or other outsourcing destinations in Europe.

Here you can get quality software development and consultancy at a low rate. For example, a daily rate of a web developer in France will cost on average 70€ /hour, in Tunisia, it will cost you on average 35€/hour, which is twice cheaper than in France.

Final Thoughts

Top Talents and high growing ecosystem, Tech profiles that are attracted by cutting edge frameworks and technology, strong technical expertise, and proficiency both in English and French, problem-solving mindset, this is why Tunisian computer engineers are the perfect match for your IT outsourcing.

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